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What is the difference between SEO On Page and Off Page SEO

The question that everyone is starting to optimize where to start, on page or off page? The first advice is always given is: Change the way you’ve been working and focus only on the facts.

Why so many companies are obsessed with the search optimization? Well, simply because of the fact that if a well planned SEO strategy is created from the first day, you can effectively get free traffic. We ‘ll show you how to configure an On-page SEO Web site “in the right way, so your strategy” general SEO “is to operate with maximum efficiency.

On Page SEO, what is it?

On page optimization is the part that we give more importance and apparently of many experts is very necessary, but not all.To keep your internal optimization of nines, we need to understand some points, I will address these points here with the best possible clarity and still keep the technical text.


The most important part of the page. Google Webmaster Tools provides a comprehensive analysis of the utmost importance, including duplicate titles and other factors that may hinder, I advise you to take a look. The first step in optimizing your website is to optimize the title and with a different title for each page. Example: Web Marketing – Success | Workshop SEO, Web Marketing and Blogs | SEO office, both titles have the site name, however each strip content of your page, increasing the chances of finding the site in full searches.

Tags Head

This is the famous h1, h2, to h6 , which seems to us that only a visual organization, but for robots is an organization of content and the level of importance of each subtitle. To optimize suggest you visit the source code of each page (right click and “View Source”) and search h1, h2. Many pages even use these tags, which is good news if these pages are your competition, but it shows how much we still have to evolve into SEO.

meta Description

Here it is where you will write about your page, a kind of summary of what you will find on the page. Because labels can not be duplicated, each page with your Meta Description . Another issue of importance in this tag is that it can not exceed 160 characters. You can to reach as close as possible, preferably with an accuracy of 160 characters, but you can not pass. This is the description that appears below the title of the site in the results of organic search Google.

meta Keywords

Is this label we place related to the text, for example, this article uses words optimization, seo, SEO On-Page SEO On page, among others. This repetition of what I did on the page with 2 different spellings are increasingly delayed due to the criteria of punishment and intelligence of robots. Repetition is used for the user to find the item, regardless of how to enter the word on the event page. Getting your page is optimized and not be penalized, we must consider the amount of keywords, since the higher, the lower its importance to Google, and each word or set of words (must be separated by commas) should appear in the text.


Everyone knows he has to be different from each other, but always forget to take the lot of numbers that only the team knows what it means. The URL should contain the fewest possible characters, the number more than letters and still have a lot of information, there is no doubt that it is easier than it seems. The first step is to note that the support platform gives URLs in Magento and WordPress, for example, just set up a dialog that and the problem is solved.

You have to remove the eyelashes, the ideal is to place your website in the root directory. Use only‘’ to the homepage if you really need this ‘/ MyWebSite’, otherwise it will only diminish the importance of other directions of words. Another detail that can not be overlooked is the name of each page of the URL, for example, instead of using ” ‘ Always use the script as a word separator. After following all the steps, we also advise to emphasize keywords in the text bold or italic.

Off Page SEO, what is it?

How have you already received, the pages are linked and complement each other, because little good to have a site with good content if there is a good optimization. That’s where the page optimization comes into play, make ‘Links “from other sites to yours, increase the PageRank (Google view on the importance of the page). There are millions of articles for SEO techniques Of Page that put millions of pages of content for you to put your link, but in this article I intend to leave this rule, for the simple reason that they bring bad links.


The best way to get the return link is with good content, the problem is that you can not reach millions of visitors if you are not positioned. I advise always have an ally to your website or blog and social networking profiles, as these are the places that promote your site and begin to get some sort of showcase of them. It will be difficult at first, but soon you’ll have people waiting to see your content



The Internet is full of blogs, Google itself has developed a search only to find blogs, Google has its own blog. When I started to optimize I read a lot about it and found that almost all blogs have comments link as “no follow” and most people who write about it, indicate that to get links, these blogs are useless. Since I signed Webmaster Google and I’ve been learning and exploring the tools, I realize that these links are blogs appearing in Webmastes Tools and generates rather a kind of authority on the site to which it is linked, not to mention that brings new visitors. To take advantage of the comments from blogs, the first rule to follow is not to use tricks. For example, it is better to read several articles every day and comment always in the best or who understand or know more than you talk, so you can leave a comment quality and often a response to the author. Not make much sense out of a classic “Loved the article” and then say visit my blog.

SEO Off Page and On Page SEO

Imagine that you are submitting a resume to a company, which must contain your specialties (on-page) and your experiences (off-page). If you have only specialties and have no experience, or vice versa, it is not likely to get the job. So the web is to get a good result and fight for the first position (which is more difficult every day) if you achieve maximum optimization of pages, then your “curriculum” will be richer and earn your competitors. There are other things that can be done for optimization On Page and Off Page, but what I want here is a quality optimization so you can give good results in the medium term.Remember: It’s better optimization well done that one that makes you to be penalized. Visit seo bangkok for more details.

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