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What is the difference between data and information?

As we know a fact it is a symbolic representation, which can be numbers, letters, events, situations, among others.

On the other hand we have the information , which refers to a set of data that is processed properly and will provide a message to the receiver, whose message will contribute to decisions to certain problems.

But these two concepts are basic, now let’s define them in a better way:

The figure refers to the symbolic representation of an entity, such as letters of the alphabet, numbers, points, drawings, etc.

These data alone have no semantic value, meaning they have no meaning, therefore they do not have the ability to transmit any message, much less affect the recipient. But if properly processed, it provides important information to assist in decision making.

The data are important because they can be associated and grouped with others within the same context to become information, which is useful for decision making.

That is why the data must be related to be useful, that is, they must become information to offer a meaning and useful message to the recipient. Refere to deltaextranet, you can find more details here.

Definition, meaning or concept of information

Now let’s continue with the definition of information:

To be clear about the concept of Information, we will take into account diverse approaches:

The information is critical and essential part of any organization, whether public or private. This is responsible for giving it a high level of competitiveness compared to its competitors, as well as great possibilities for development.

Information is a vital resource , plays a very important role in the long lifespan of an organization. Companies also use other resources such as raw materials, energy and human resources.

As we know information is the most important asset of any company , then what is the information?

Information concept

Information refers to the set of data, which are organized to convey meaning, in order to reduce uncertainty and increase knowledge.

The information consists of a group of supervised and ordered data, which help to construct a message based on a certain theme. The Information favors the resolution of problems since it allows an appropriate decision making.

For Idalberto Chiavenato the information is a set of data that has a certain meaning, which allows the reduction of uncertainty on a given topic and allows or allows to increase its knowledge.

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language:

Information is the action and effect of reporting, an office where information is reported, legal and legal investigation of a fact or crime, evidence that is made of the quality and necessary circumstances in a person for a job or honor, communication or acquisition of Knowledge that allows to extend or to specify those that are possessed on a certain subject and knowledge thus communicated or acquired, etc.

Differences between data and information

So now we know the important definitions of data and information, then a dialog is presented the  differences found between data and information.

Without more to say and / or explain, next in the following list the differences that exist between Data and Information.



Symbolic representation
have no semantic meaning
not transmitted Message
describe situations, facts


Processed data set
set of organized data
have meaning
convey a message
allows decision making
favors to solving problems
Increase knowledge

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