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5 films about technology and computing

If you consider yourself geek surely some of these titles sound familiar, otherwise you can not help but see them.

The issue of information technology and computers has inspired the production of films, which through different perspectives, fail to capture the attention of viewers, and in some cases may imply a simple manner, which for many means a reserved subject only to those skilled in technology issues.

Here are five (5) films from the xmovies8 that  deal with the issue of content on technology, internet and computers, in addition to entertaining, can teach a little about the digital world according to their respective situations.

1- Network social / the social network: it tells the story of how it was created the famous social network “Facebook”, near to make simple developments of computing never imagining their scope and success, and how afterwards some legal and personal trouble as occurred counterweight to the achievement of its creator. Directed by David Fincher.

2- Pirates of Silicon Valley: TV Movie that revives the creation of Microsoft and Apple companies, with the intervention of their respective pioneers (Bill Gates and Steve Jobs), where you can see how the first ideas on evolution were conceived these large computer competitors, and some details in his way of doing things. It other words, it is a portrait of competition because of advances in computer technology, based on real events.

3-Tron (Legacy): The son of a designer of virtual worlds, looking meet his father and not knowing is immersed in a world created by him, where he has tosurvive long. Involved in this new environment, try to get away with the obstacles that stand as a combat games (video games). The parallel between our real world and the virtual world run by computer software (a metaphor for our world depending on computer programs), and adventure that the characters experience to be immersed inside a computer is recreated.

Antitrust 4- (Anti-trust):   A computer programmer who is happy to work in a company positioned a surprise takes unbecoming ways to meet your boss (character loosely inspired by B. Gates) used to solve certain problems, and where to be blinded by success fails to discover what happens in the background of the company, but even when it becomes involved properly.

5-Jobs: Directed by Joshua Michael Stern and starring Ashton Kutcher, is the latest production that revolves around the life of the late Steve Jobs. The story focuses on the key moments of the life of the creator of one of the most important technology companies (apple), which recreate both professional accomplishments, their ups and downs in his personal life.

We hope this brief exposure filmmaker wake you achieve some kind of interest or concern. If you have not seen any of these films, and as you know if any of these titles, comments are welcome to continue sharing experiences with the Putlocker community.

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